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chocolate’s journey through time

In North America, we grow up eating chocolate in our birthday cakes and sprinkling it on top of our ice-cream, yet we know very little about its full story. Today, we have been fooled to think that chocolate is but one flavour! This session will take you on a journey through time to the present day to see how the taste of chocolate has evolved and how to appreciate the complex flavours we find today. You will also learn how indulging in chocolate can create a wave of benefit all the way back to the roots of cacao production.

Come explore and indulge your palate!

Amanda Klarer has spent many years working, living and learning from smallholder farmers in various parts of the world including cacao farming communities in Africa and South America. Her passion for chocolate runs rampant through her veins. While living among cacao trees, she has seen the many sides of the cacao industry and its effect on farmers, flavours and the future of chocolate. On a mission to empower consumers, producers and farmers, she co-founded the Secret Society of Chocolate Philanthropists in a hope to make chocolate secrets eventually not-so-secret. 


Tempering and Working with Chocolate

This seminar will walk you through the bean to bar process with a focus on tempering chocolate.

Dr. Kerry Beal has spent 25 years working with all aspects of chocolate. She has taught students starting in chocolate and is the Quality Assurance tutor for Ecole Chocolat. In her well equipped lab she is able to test, modify and refine recipes and procedures and can suggest ways to safely extend shelf-life. At other festivals, Kerry attracts large crowds with her mainstage tempering and molding demonstrations. Since 2008, she has run an annual 2-day Chocolate Workshop for professional and amateur confectioners in both the US and Canada. Kerry also produced a series of educational DVDs on chocolate techniques for beginners. She is the creator and producer of the EZtemper Cocoa Butter Seed Generator - a new technology that guarantees perfect tempering every time.


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Cynthia Leung, SOMA Chocolatemaker

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Bringing Chocolate Home

Culinary traditions evolve over time. By looking to our own fields and forests, chocolatiers can contribute to this evolution with innovative chocolate creations that reflect our culinary traditions. This not only stimulates fresh flavours and combinations, but also cultivates closer relationships between growers and makers, enriching our local economy.

Angela Roest is an award-winning chocolatier at Center and Main Chocolate, located in Warkworth, Ontario. She has prioritized the use of local ingredients, sourced directly from farmers and food producers, to create an innovative line of chocolates that reflect and celebrate a “taste of place’.

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