Ethics and Chocolate: What Flavours Can Tell Us 

This curated tasting of a number of cacao origins will focus on taste, sustainability and how the flavours of small-scale bean to bar chocolate express cacao origins and the supply chain. You will discover how, through often surprising flavours not typically associated with chocolate, makers highlight the specialty cacao flavours not found in commodity cacao. 1 hour.

Karine Chretien Guillemette has extensive experience in the specialty bean-to-bar chocolate industry. As owner of La Tablette de Miss Choco, Montreal, which specialized in bean-to-bar chocolate, she imported and distributed several bean-to-bar chocolate brands in Canada. She has also hosted chocolate tasting workshops, conferences and pairing events over the years. As a PhD candidate in food studies at Concordia University, she has now returned to her academic roots. Her research, which uses her broad  experience in chocolate, focuses on food pedagogy and critical consumer education in this specialty industry.


Tempering and Working with Chocolate

Kerry will discuss the chocolate making and tempering process. 1 hour.

Dr. Kerry Beal has spent 25 years working with all aspects of chocolate. She has taught many students starting out in chocolate, and is the Quality Assurance tutor for Ecole Chocolat. In her well equipped lab she is able to test, modify and refine recipes and procedures and can suggest ways to safely extend shelf-life. At other festivals, Kerry has attracted large crowds with her mainstage tempering and molding demonstrations. Since 2008, she has run an annual 2-day Chocolate Workshop for professional and amateur confectioners in both the US and Canada. Kerry also produced a series of educational DVDs on chocolate techniques for beginners. She is the creator and producer of the EZtemper Cocoa Butter Seed Generator - a new technology that guarantees perfect tempering every time.